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The Church Of La Company

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Roman Catholic Church of the Holy spirit more popularly known as the Church of La Company, that is Companies. So called in Mexico the Jesuits, builders and owners of this Church. The first Jesuits arrived in Puebla in 1572 at the request of the local Bishop to help in the treatment of the Indians in the true, Catholic faith. In 1580 they already owned a plot of land where they decided to found their own College and temple.

In 1583 began construction of the Church, which lasted 17 years. In 1666 the priest and rector of the Jesuit College of Valencia, Pedro hired an artist Diego Martin for the decoration of the vaults of the Church with stucco and gilding. The task of the wizard was also set on the sides of the main altar are two shields with the arms of don Melchor de Covarrubias, the founder of the Jesuit College. The works of Diego Martin was not preserved, as in the first half of the eighteenth century this temple was demolished and in its place began the construction of the Church that we see now. In 1767 by the architect josé Miguel de Santa Maria, in Baroque style was built the Church of La Company. Master de Santa Maria was a mestizo, native of Puebla. He died a few months after the consecration of the Church and became the first person buried in its soil. Interestingly, the Church was completed a few months before the expulsion of the Jesuits from New Spain. Now the temple is valid. In its crypt are the remains of Catarina de San Juan, a slave, who became the founder of a local mystical cult.

Three naves of the Church of La Company is richly decorated. Especially valuable are paintings of the XVII century, located in the sacristy.