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The Church Of Santo Domingo

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The Church of Santo Domingo located in the historic center of Mexico on the North side of the eponymous square, near the Cathedral. This temple was once part of a large Dominican monastery, which was demolished in 1861. In the Church of Santo Domingo was buried Pedro de Montezuma, one of the sons of Montezuma II. He died in 1570.

The simple construction of a small temple began soon after the conquest of the city in 1527 and lasted 3 years. The first reconstruction of the Church of Santo Domingo took place between 1556 and 1571 years. Then was expanded premises of the chapel and convent near the temple. During severe floods the sacred building was seriously damaged. Recovery in the first half of the eighteenth century, invited the architect Pedro de Arrieta. The new Church was made in a lush Baroque style. This renovated Church has been preserved to our days. At the end of the XVIII century the interior was completely changed. Now all the items in it are made in the neoclassical manner.

The monastery complex of the Dominicans was devastated during the redevelopment of Mexico city. In the immediate vicinity of the Church paved a new street Leandro Valle. For its creation it took to demolish the buildings of the monastery and several chapels. Remained only the Church of Santo Domingo and the chapel of Jesus Christ.

The single-nave Church of Santo Domingo built in the shape of a Latin cross and decorated with a single tower. A large altar, made of Manuel Tolsa in the neoclassical manner, is the dominant feature of the interior. It is possible to see two images on the theme of the life of the virgin Mary, painted in oil, a few statues of saints, gold medallions, etc.