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The chapel de Los Dulces Nombres

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The name of the chapel de Los Dulces Nombres translates from Spanish as the chapel of the Sweet Names. This is one of the oldest sacral buildings in Monterrey. Despite its modest size, which is particularly noticeable against the background of the neighboring buildings, the Catholic Church enjoys great popularity among the faithful. In the major religious holidays, it builds up a long queue.

This chapel is considered a national cultural monument, was built in 1830. Its construction paid the widow of Jose Antonio de La Garza of Saldivar, embodying the dying wish of her husband. In 1945, the temple walls were covered with cement mortar. In 1956 during the planning of the macro Plaza of the chapel de Los Dulces Nombres wanted to demolish because, in the opinion of the city fathers, it did not represent any value. This plan was not implemented, therefore, the chapel has survived to the present day. In the first half of the XX century the temple was used for other purposes. Here opened the library and art Studio. Only 11 may 1989, during a brief ceremony, the city government gave the Church to the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Monterrey. Since then it has held regular services. Sometimes the Church space is also used as a concert hall, because the chapel is renowned for its excellent acoustics.

The temple of Sweet Names, built in Tuscan style, small. Its decoration is characterized by modesty and brevity. The walls of the chapel with a thickness of 1.3 meters devoid of Windows. The bells were moved to the chapel from the Lightbringer temple of the Mother of God, standing on the street Ruperto Martinez.