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Sugar house, or Casa del Alfenique, is a jewel of Baroque architecture. Legend has it that this mansion was built by a blacksmith, Juan Ignacio Morales, grandfather of the famous artist, Francisco Morales, as a wedding gift to absurd and capricious fiancée Anya, who wished a "house of sugar". The subtle decor of stucco and white plaster on the facade gives this building a fabulous look. Embodied desires in life of a talented architect Antonio josé de Incourage. It happened in 1790. For the erection of a sugar house was spent 14900 pesos gold. Luxury building with a slim, elegant design like the girl, and don Ignacio and Ana were married until the end of his days lived in this house, which is now recognized as one of the most beautiful houses of Puebla. Prior to 1874 the Sugar house belonged to the family of Morales. In 1896, Alejandro Ruiz Olavarrieta gave this mansion to the Public charity society of Puebla.

At the moment Casa del Alfenique is a Regional Museum, founded in 1926. He is considered the first Museum, which was opened in Puebla. As exhibit presents works of art, telling about the historical and cultural development of the city since the Conquest. The Museum's collection includes more than 500 exhibits in 19 exhibition halls. Here you can see textiles, paintings of famous historical characters (Ignacio Zaragoza, Porfirio Diaz, Benito Juarez, etc.), sculptures, books, documents from past years and much more.