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Icchabal is a pre-Columbian Mayan settlement, located 9 km North-East of another ancient Mayan city Cibane and 40 km West of Laguna Bacalar, in Quintana Roo. Near to it is the archaeological zone of Kohunlich, so tourists usually visit in one day from two former settlements of the Maya.

The name "Iceball" the ancient city was adopted in March 1995, when archaeologists first set foot on its territory. This term is translated as "Between the swamps", as the Mayan settlement located on a hill surrounded by marshlands. Full-scale archaeological research began there in 2009.

The city of Icchabal hidden in the tropical forests in the South-East of the Yucatan Peninsula. This is a relatively large settlement, which was founded around 300 BC and lasted until 1500 B. C. the Most significant majestic temples and residential buildings appeared here in the 250-600 ad At the time of Icchabal, like other cities nearby (Kohunlich and Cibane), was the largest trading center where goods were brought from the cities of the Yucatan Peninsula and several ancient Mayan sites in Central America.

Most of the buildings on site Icchabal not yet explored. Architects have a tough job, which, according to preliminary data, will last a couple of decades. The city area is 30 sq. km. To visit at the moment are only three large pyramids and several smaller buildings. The tallest building rises to a height of 40 meters.