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The College of San Nicolas de Hidalgo, built in the XVI century, is the forerunner of the modern University of Michoacan de Saint-Nicolas de Hidalgo. The College was founded in 1540 in Pátzcuaro humanist Vasco de Quiroga, and 40 years later, i.e. in 1580 he moved to Valladolid, as it was called Morelia.

College of St. Nicholas is the oldest educational institution in Mexico. Its history is closely connected with the life and work of the ardent fighters for the freedom of Mexico - Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla and josé maría Morelos. Miguel Hidalgo studied at this College, and then, in 1790, became rector. Two years later he was suspended from service for unusual for that time, liberal views. In 1810 the College for several decades closed due to the fact that local students and teachers supported the idea of Mexican independence from the Spaniards. January 17, 1847, the work of the College was resumed. This happened thanks to the initiative of don Melchor Ocampo, Governor of Michoacan, who later became Minister of foreign Affairs. On the top floor of the College has a small Museum dedicated to the Melchor Ocampo, where are his clothes and his books and his heart in a glass jar. Moreover, Ocampo himself is commanded to leave his heart at the College of St. Nicholas.

In 1917, the College building was opened the University of Michoacan de Saint-Nicolas de Hidalgo, which is one of the most important higher education institutions of Mexico. About the father-founder of resembles a small monument erected in the arcade court of the College.