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Cultural center of fine arts

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One of the main attractions of the city of Chetumal is considered the Cultural center of fine arts. It is a cultural complex which includes the civic Museum, Teatro Minerva, the School of music and art and the promenade of the arts. Here are also posted in the Directorate of the numerous museums and Houses of culture. In addition, it is possible to detect the offices of the officials of the local administration and the Ministry of culture of Mexico. Cultural center of fine arts - the building of Z-shape with long and spacious corridors, colonnades, decorated with bas-reliefs and friezes, the work of Colombian sculptor Romulo Roseau. From 1939 to 1989, this building housed the classrooms of the school Belisario domínguez, which has positioned itself as the first school in the state of Quintana Roo.

Weekend at the Cultural center of fine arts, not overcrowded: there are free shows, held by the national ballet in the amphitheater under the open sky Minerva. The actors play on the white stage, limited by high columns with terracotta reliefs. Seating for spectators is also painted white, which is very advantageous to look in combination with bright greenery around and the blue fathomless sky.

City Museum often holds various temporary exhibitions of photographs and documents dedicated to the history of Chetumal.

In the promenade of the arts, which is also referred to as Garden art, talented young artists are already recognized masters satisfied with the demonstration of their works.