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The Pípila Monument

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The Pípila monument located on the hill of San Miguel, directly above the city of Guanajuato. At its foot there is an observation platform, from where whole city is visible as on a palm. To the top of the hill you can walk, guided by signs with the words "Pipila" or take the funicular, the bottom station of which is at the Juarez theatre.

The monument to the rebel Juan josé de Los Reyes martínez Amaro, better known as pipila, is visible from afar. It is a huge stone sculpture of a man with a torch in hand. What was Pipila, whose memory was honored by the creation of the monument? During the struggle for independence of Mexico all know of Guanajuato hid in the Palace All de granaditas, now converted into a Museum. The people's army surrounded the Palace, but in the middle were unable to get. Then the revolutionary Pipila hump a heavy stone block, that I decided to use instead of a shield, and under its cover, armed with a torch and a pot of tar, ran to the door of the Palace. There he poured the massive wooden doors with resin and put them to the torch. Thus, the rebels were able to break into the building.

A 20-metre monument to Pípila was built of pink Sandstone in 1953. Funds for the creation of the monument highlighted the state government and city Council. The statue and viewing platform around it is the second visited tourist destination after of Guanajuato Museum of the mummies.

Near the monument is a row of stalls with snacks and drinks. As Pipila is considered a folk hero of Mexico, and his feat is studied in school, to the monument often bring on trips students who are not in a hurry to leave the observation deck and have fun discussing what he saw. To enjoy the beautiful views of the city in relative solitude, it is better to come here at sunset or sunrise.