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The Church Of San Bernardo

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The Church of San Bernardo is located on the corner of 20 November and Venustiano Carranza to the South from the Central zócalo square in Mexico city. She was part of a monastery, founded in 1636, and dedicated to the same Saint Bernardo. The monastery, like many other sacred institutions, was closed during the reformation in 1861. The monastery was destroyed and in its place, a paved street on November 20. The Church of San Bernardo survived.

The history of this temple is extraordinary. He had many high-ranking patrons. Even his appearance is due to large donations of the rich man Juan Marquez de Orozco. He bequeathed his considerable fortune to the Church on condition that the money was used to build the Abbey of the Cistercian order. After the death of the Marques de Orozco Juan Retes de Largacha, the Marquis de San Jorge was the future patron Saint of the monastery and acquired a plot of land for building a monastery and Church with him. The chief architect of the temple was made by Juan Cepeda. In the XVIII century, Miguel de Berrio-and-Salvidar, Comte de San MATEO de valparaíso has allocated funds to repair the Church of San Bernardo. The temple was re-consecrated in 1777.

A large part of the surface of the facades of the temple are covered with slabs of reddish volcanic stone. In the Baroque niches two sculptures - one represents the heavenly patron of the Church of St. Bernardo, and the second - the virgin Mary of Guadalupe. The statue of the virgin Mary was originally in the monastery, but after its demolition was moved to the facade of the temple.

In the interior of the Church San Bernardo attracts the attention of a large altar, made in the neoclassical manner.