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The Zoo's "Africa Safari"

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The zoo's "Africa Safari", located on the outskirts of Puebla, was founded in 1972 by local resident Carlos Camacho espíritu. Businessman and former pilot, the famous radio host, espíritu spent a fortune on the Park, where exotic animals could live without cages in conditions resembling their natural habitat. So in Puebla did the zoo Safari, which is now home to about 2.5 thousand individuals of 350 species.

In the Park you can only move the vehicle in a strictly defined route. By the way, are allowed to go on the transport. Those who did not rent a car, take the special tourist bus. To leave the car to avoid accidents is not recommended. Windows can be left open: if you're lucky, to the car close giraffes, camels, sheep, and other "peaceful" inhabitants of the zoo, which is permitted to treat with something tasty.

The Safari zone is divided into several sections. The largest is the African region is divided into three parts, named after the countries of Botswana, Uganda and Kenya. Before entering the African section of tourists welcomed the dark-skinned "native". Plot Kenya, you can find Marina Mombasa, located on lake Valsequillo. There you can hire a pleasure boat for exploring the coastline from the water.

In addition to the African sector, the zoo has the American zone, the area where tigers live, and a children's Park, home to pandas, anteaters, and is also a pavilion with butterflies, built in the shape of a Mexican pyramid.