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The cultural center Ignacio Ramirez

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The cultural center Ignacio Ramirez, known as the School of fine arts "El Lich", is located in the former monastery of La concepción.

Monastery and Church of La Concepcion was founded by Maria Josefina Lina de La Canal, the representative of the richest kind, in 1775. At the end of the XIX century in Mexico adopted the Law on the reforms, resulting in a local monastery, like many other sacred institutions, was closed and empty almost to the middle of XX century.

School of fine arts was established in 1938 by Peruvian Felipe Cossio del Pomar and American Stirling Dickinson. The School not only to learn painting and sculpture, but also to live right in front of her. This school became actively involved in the program to exchange students. Began to come here, mostly students from the United States. The cultural center Ignacio Ramirez in our time is part of the National Institute of fine arts. The locals it is simply called "fine art".

Former monastery of La concepción consists of several buildings that surround a large internal courtyard with a fountain in the center. There are often art exhibitions, workshops in painting, ceramics, lithography, textiles, drama, ballet, national dancing, playing the guitar.

One hall of the old monastery are decorated with the mural of David Alfaro Siqueiros, which he wrote together with students of art schools. The picture was not finished.

The cultural center Ignacio Ramirez has a Museum, an auditorium, two art galleries and the restaurant "Las Musas". Near the center is the Church, which was called the Las Monjas. Originally it was part of the monastery complex. It was built between 1755 and 1842 years. The dome, resembling the roof of the Paris Invalides, built in 1891 by the famous architect and self-taught Zeferino gutiérrez.