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The convent of Mercy in Mexico city was one of the mansions belonging to mercedarian Catholic monks of the order of the blessed virgin is Merciful, which was founded for the ransom of slaves from enemy captivity. It is believed that the Church at the convent of Mercy was the most beautiful in all of New Spain. Unfortunately, he was subsequently destroyed during the implementation of the reform on the transformation of the city, which dates back to 1861. On the site of the convent of Mercy was planned to build a new market. The convent was saved. It is one of the few remaining monuments of Moorish art in the valley of Mexico. June 3, 1932, the convent of Mercy was included in the list of historical heritage of the country.

The history of the monastery began in 1595, when General mercedarian father Francisco Ximenez bought Guillermo brandat of over 18 thousand pesos land in the East of Mexico city. September 8, 1602, the count de Monterrey, who laid the first stone in the Foundation of the temple, which eventually was turned into a chapel. In 1634 the monks invited the architect Lazaro de Torres to build a new Church. It was completed in 1654. The temple was adjoined to the monastery building on the West side. It was built in the shape of a Latin cross with three naves and is topped by a gabled roof.

Residential building of the monastery, consisting of several arcade buildings, forming courtyard, has been preserved to our days. It was built between 1676 and 1703 years with the financial support of the count of Miravalle. In the beginning of XX century the monastery belonged to the Church, but now he once again returned to their owners.