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The island of the river Cuale

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Puerto Vallarta crosses the Cuale river, which originates in the mountains of the Sierra Madre. River conditionally divides the resort on business the historical centre and the area called the Romantic zone. To get to the opposite shore by several hinged pedestrian bridges and two road.

Closer to the mouth of the river is the island Isla del Rio Cuale, an island of the river Cuale, which is a favorite place for walking locals and visitors alike. Quite a large space of land surrounded by water, planted with shady trees, so the island is more like a Park, perfect for relaxing. Such a Prime location right in the city centre could not remain without attention of souvenir vendors and artisans who earn a living selling their products. Many shops reminiscent of Aladdin's cave. They can be found in silver and ceramic dishes, jewelry, wrought iron products, national clothes and headdresses.

In 2003, the island was opened entertainment center Cuale, which often hosts theatre performances, concerts, dance evenings. Here are very a variety of clubs (chess, painting, singing, etc.), which makes this complex very popular among the population of Puerto Vallarta.

On the other end of the island, which is closer to the Banderas Bay, the archaeological Museum, which presents a good collection of statues created in the pre-colonial era.

One of the local attractions is the statue of film Director John Huston, famous Puerto Vallarta on the whole world. It is set on a small cozy square.

Restaurants on the island of the river Cuale is located on the shores below guests sitting on the terrace could enjoy the wonderful romantic views of the river.