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FORTS Loreto and Guadalupe

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Examples of fortification monuments of Puebla can be called two FORTS Loreto and Guadalupe, which are located in the side of the Central quarters of the city. These buildings with thick walls and powerful cannons may 5, 1862 witnessed important historical events: a small Mexican army defeated French invaders. The inhabitants of Mexico still celebrate this victory, as the battle of Puebla is synonymous with "unity" and "patriotism". Thanks to this battle, Mexico demonstrated to the world that Latin America will be able to resist the European empires seeking to conquer the world.

Now restored, the FORTS of Loreto and Guadalupe dostupny for inspection, accompanied by a guide who will recreate in great detail all the events of the second half of the nineteenth century, which here occurred. The most interesting is the Fort of Loreto was built on the orders of Ciriaco del Llano in 1820 for the storage of gunpowder and weapons. He appeared around the sacred buildings of the XVI century chapel of our lady of Loreto. In the Fort there is another temple - the Church of San Cristobal, built by the Franciscans.

At Fort Loreto, in 1930 and declared a historical monument of Mexico since 1972 the Museum of non-interference in the exposition of which holds the items of the XIX century, depicting the military history of the Fort: frags, weapons, shields, uniforms, etc. are Widely presented and the official documents of the era.

You can also visit an interesting Museum, operated by the Institute of anthropology and history. It consists of three parts: library, hall, dedicated to the artist Diego Rivera, and sections that tell the history of Puebla.