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Church Of The Immaculate Conception

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Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception was built in Monterrey in the first half of the 40-ies of the last century. She is the first religious building of modern style, built in Mexico.

Its unusual arched design is due to the use of innovative in those days of construction material - reinforced concrete. The shell of this raw material was designed by the architect Felix Candela. As the author of the future Church was chosen Enrique de La Mora is a very famous Mexican architect who worked on other sacred buildings in the country. The last word in defining the design of the Church (de La Mora has offered two designs - traditional and more contemporary) was left to the Archbishop of Monterrey, Guillermo Tritschler-and-Cordoba.

For decoration of the future Church invited a large group of sculptors and artists. Among them was Adolfo Laubner Mayer, the authorship of which belongs to the sculpture of the virgin with a height of 6 meters, made of clay. It is placed on the 40-metre-high slender tower, which is also decorated with a large cross.

The interior of the Church with high arches simple and concise. Its main decoration are sculptures of the Crucified Christ and the 12 apostles, which were created by the Jewish artist Herbert Hoffman. In the local press immediately appeared angry article condemning the invitation of the sculptor, who adhered to non-Catholic religion. However, a Jesuit priest Felipe Pandian Illanes spoke in defense of Hoffman, in a news conference at which he stressed that works of art are valuable, regardless of who created them.

The temple is also decorated with arched Windows with bright stained glass Windows.