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Church. Rafael

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Next to the main temple of San Miguel de Allende, consecrated in honor of St. Michael the Archangel and decorated in the Gothic style, you can see the cupola of the Church of St. Raphael, which is the second dominant of the historical centre of the city. It is made in Moorish style, but compared to its famous neighbor is lost. Only the most curious tourists pay to the Church of St. Raphael, which was formerly known as the Church of the Holy Schools of Christ, a few minutes, then to go to Parocchi.

However, this Church is one of the main attractions of the city. It was founded in 1742, the Holy father Luis Felipe Neri de Alfaro. It consists of two parts. The first facade is decorated with pilasters, niches, friezes with floral motifs. The second part of the temple has a very modest design. The main entrance is made in the form of semicircular arches, above which you can see the window in the Gothic manner, framed by stones in different shades of pink. The facade is painted in coral color. In 1752 the temple tower clock was installed.

On a small side chapel in the Church of St. Raphael worked who became a celebrity after conversion of Parrakie local Mason that do not have architectural education, don Zeferino gutiérrez. The interior of the Church done in the Gothic style. Large spaces on the walls are busy with paintings on religious themes. Along the walls are statues of saints. The main altar, decorated with columns, dedicated to the patron of the Church, the Holy Raphael.

The Church is in need of repair.