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The Cathedral of Cuernavaca

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In 1525, on the Mexican shore have landed a few groups of missionaries arrived from the Old world. The sermon on the mount, that is the introduction to the Christian faith of the population of the valley of Morelos, took 12 Franciscans, who began the construction of the outdoor chapel. In 1529 the chapel began to build the monastery building. Subsequently, from the chapel made a huge temple, currently being Cathedral.

In 1552 the construction of the monastic complex and Church were finished. The thick walls of the temple, more suitable for some castle, are proof that the Spanish monks didn't entirely trust his new flock. The Cathedral was rebuilt many times. Major changes to the interior of the temple was made during one of the last reconstructions, held in 1957.

Facade of the Cathedral has an unusual decoration - a skull with crossed bones. As you know, the skull is an attribute of the founder of the Franciscans - Francis of Assisi. The interior of the temple is decorated with valuable antique frescoes, many of which date back to the early XVI century. They were found by restorers in the middle of the last century. A significant part of the paintings were in poor condition and was no longer subject to recovery. The remaining frescoes are written on historical themes related to the colonization of America. Beside the Cathedral of Cuernavaca is a small cemetery, where are buried many noble residents of the city.