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Morelia Cathedral

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The beautiful Baroque Cathedral, built in the 1660-1744 the historic centre of Morelia, owned by the local Archdiocese. It is decorated with two majestic towers with a height of 66 meters each.

The Cathedral was built 80 years after the governance of the diocese of Michoacan, as its new centre chose Morelia, that is, in those days, even the city of Valladolid (Morelia Valladolid was after 1828). The Holy fathers many years ranted about the fact that it's time to finally build a decent temple in the city, but further conversations business did not go. Only in 1660 in Valladolid was invited by the architect Vicente Barroso de La Escayola, who was able to develop any project of the future Cathedral. Moreover, he headed the builders and was devoted to the building of this Church the remainder of his life. As the site for the Church was selected by the hill right in the centre of the city. Thus, the Cathedral seemed to hover over the city. The temple walls are made of local pink stone, who drove from nearby quarries. In 1705, the construction of the temple is temporarily stopped. Only 33 years later it was continued. In the end, the Morelia Cathedral was built a little less than a hundred years.

At first, the interior of the Cathedral was decorated in the Baroque style, but during one of the reconstructions in the nineteenth century, the interior has a neoclassical features.

Interestingly, on the Cathedral, delivered from Europe in 1905, at that time was considered the biggest musical instrument in the Americas and still remains in Mexico.