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Pre-Columbian art Museum Amparo

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One of the most interesting museums in Mexico, Amparo gallery - located in Puebla. The Museum is a contemporary cultural space created by the Amparo Foundation in honor of Amparo Rugarcia de Espinosa, the wife of a Mexican banker and philanthropist Manuel Espinosa Iglesias. His appearance Museum is the daughters of gentlemen Espinoza Angela.

Gallery Amparo was opened on 28 February 1991. Most of its exhibits are objects of pre-Columbian art, making it one of the largest historical museums in Mexico.

The Amparo Museum is housed in a beautiful colonial house, which was reconstructed, which allowed to adapt the old rooms under a vast collection of galleries. The first floor of the mansion reserved for the exhibition of artifacts of the indigenous tribes of America. In glass cases installed statues of gods of the Toltec, Mayan and other Indian tribes, the ceramic products of local craftsmen, skilful decoration of precious metals. These exhibits were brought from different parts of Mexico. The exhibition, located on the second floor of the gallery, tells about the period when in America foreigners have come from Europe. The items presented here, dates from the XVII-XIX centuries. Luxurious furniture, elegant trinkets, paintings, tapestries once adorned the homes of the conquistadors, who came at the behest of the king in New Spain, and their descendants.

In addition to permanent exhibitions, the Museum often hosts temporary. Visitors to the gallery enjoy visiting a local café over a Cup of coffee to look through art magazines.