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Museum of religious art is housed in the former temple of San Pedro, founded in 1541. In those days, this building housed a Church and a hospital, which after some time came to be called the hospital of San Pedro and San Pablo. The hospital was operated by the priests of the Cathedral Tlaxcala. In 1544 it was used to treat only men that were not added to the popularity of this place among the people. Arches patio, the second largest in modern Puebla was built in 1640. He was then attached to the main body dining room and the house to care for the sick.

In the first half of the XVIII century the hospital continued to manage the administration of the Cathedral, which consisted of monks of the order of St. John. In the second half of the same century, the hospital was allowed to wait on the soldiers to improve the financial condition of this institution. In the nineteenth century the hospital was rebuilt, it began to take on internship students from the Medical Academy in Puebla. In 1867, the hospital became a state. In 1917 she was transferred to a new, more modern building.

For several decades of the XX century the building of former Church of San Pedro, whose area as a result of several modifications already reached 5 thousand square meters were used for different purposes. In 1998 there was opened a Museum of religious art. In 2002, he became known as the Museo San Pedro de Arte. His collection consists of works of sacred art from different centuries. In several rooms, formerly occupied by the infirmary, a collection of ancient objects related to medicine. Also particularly noteworthy is a selection of paintings on the theme of the events that took place in Puebla in Novospassky period.