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Robert Brady Museum

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One of the most interesting museums of Cuernavaca is the Museum of Robert Brady (1928-1986), a famous American traveler, an artist and a collector of rare art objects.

Once Brady arrived in Cuernavaca and decided that this city is perfect for life. He purchased the HOMESTEAD, which was formerly part of a Franciscan monastery. It is a building with an internal courtyard, which is now a café, was built in the XVI century. It is located near the main temple of the city. Brady moved to Cuernavaca on all of his extensive collection of antiquities and paintings. Artifacts from Oceania, Asia, Africa and the Americas harmonious look next to the work of Brady and paintings by Mexican artists Rufino Tamayo, Diego Rivera and others. The gem of the collection Brady is considered a self-portrait of Frida Kahlo. And unique collection of Mexican colonial furniture, pre-Hispanic sculptures.

Robert Brady lived here in solitude, he was only dogs, which were buried on the estate, in the little garden. Brady himself is also buried here.

The Robert Brady Museum you can use the services of guides who speak Spanish and English. Many visitors are advised to stroll through the house, accompanied by a guide, and then to walk through the rooms independently, comprehending heard and paying attention to details.

The Museum has a gift shop where you can buy postcards and other products to commemorate the visit to this institution.