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The city Museum of Mexico located in an old Baroque Palace from the 18th century, which once belonged to the counts of Santiago de Calimaya, the descendants of the famous conqueror joaquín cortés. The Museum building was built in 1781 by architect Francisco Guerrero Torres. Its facade is covered with volcanic stone tezontle characteristic buildings of the Baroque style. Into the wall from the South-West integrated stone head of a winged serpent. At the beginning of the 20th century here lived the painter Joaquin Clausell. His Studio was located on the third floor and now it is a separate exhibition hall, whose walls are covered with unusual frescoes, impressionistic collages.

The Museum in this building exists since 1964. In 26 halls of the Palace display the history of Mexico city from Aztec times to the present day. The permanent exhibition is divided into periods: pre-Hispanic, colonial period (16-18 century), 19th century and 20th century. Among the exhibits of the halls of the pre-Hispanic period, you can see bowls, vessels, urns, ancient Aztec manuscripts, maps and everyday objects of the ancient peoples of Mexico. A collection of colonial period and the 19-20th centuries and is furniture, ancient vases, jugs, art objects, paintings and sculptures. In addition, the Museum has a library, a Mexican poet, novelist and political activist Khaimah Torres Bodet. There are about 10 thousand volumes of articles relating to the history of Mexico. The collection is a collection of Newspapers of the 19th century, copies or originals of laws and a huge collection of books about the history of the city.

In the Museum of Mexico city and often hosts temporary exhibitions, workshops for adults and children, concerts.