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Casa de Las Bovedas

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Casa de Las Bóvedas, or the House with the arches, is the property of the University of Puebla. This building, built in 1684, is located on the street Juan de Palafox and Mendoza. Currently, it houses the Academy of fine arts. This mansion is a historical monument, considered one of the city's attractions.

The client and the first owner of the Palace of the Casa de Las Bovedas was Diego pelas. Charity Board, involved in the education of youth, led by the Holy father Jose Antonio Jimenez de Las Cuevas rented this building in 1813. It reopened as an elementary school and art school. Mansion suit everyone: it was spacious and conveniently located. Therefore, in 1840 the Charity Council bought it. By this time the school in the walls of the mansion was much improved. In 1824 there was opened an evening school of drawing for craftsmen. In elementary school began to accept boys and girls. The training was free. 24 may 1824, the school was granted Academy status. After 25 years educational institution in the House with the arches was named the Academy of education and fine arts. Interestingly, the mansion de Las Bovedas never changed its owners.

The house, built by architect Diego de La Sierra is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture of the XVII century. Its Windows are framed by corbels in the form of columns, whose capitals support a double pediment: a triangular semi-circular internal and external. Above the entrance you can see the emblem of the Academy.