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Park Zamora

Photos and description

A small Park in the historic center of Veracruz is named after General Manuel Gutierrez Zamora. A monument dedicated to this hero, can be seen near the entrance to the Park. It was established in 1892 and since then has not changed its location, although the city authorities are all the time trying to move him to a remote corner of the Park. Through the Park previously was a river Tenaa, which explains the presence here of such a rapid vegetation. From the South Park limits the shopping center Salvador Diaz Miron, from North - street Ignacio District, from East - Independence Avenue, and West street on 5 May. Zamora Park is witness to many historical events that took place in the city.

On old photographs you can see the Central Park fountain Zamora, instead of which tourists now find a newsagent. It stands right in the center of this green island, and to him are all the paths of the Park. Many residents come to the Park to feed the squirrels. The square is popular among visitors who are happy to hide from the heat at the local shady alleys.

Among the attractions of the Park Zamora is worth noting two of the case libraries.

During the recent reconstruction of the city square was cleaned vintage metal benches and a low wall with a bronze plaque telling about the reconstruction work carried out in the Park in 1991. Workers removed and the balustrade, which was established not so long ago - in the late XX century.

Soon in the centre of Veracruz will be built high-speed tram line, the final stop which will just Park Zamora.