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Regional Museum of anthropology is an amazingly beautiful halls of the Palace Canton, situated on the exclusive Boulevard, Paseo de Montejo in mérida. The mansion got its name in the names of their first owners. In the beginning of XX century the Palace was the residence of the wealthiest families in the Canton Rosado, whose representative by the name Francisco was a General and Governor of the province of Yucatan. The Canton Palace was built in the years 1904-1911 according to the Italian architect of Desert. Francisco Canton Rosado lived here until his death in 1917. After that, the mansion was inherited by his relatives. They owned the Palace Canton until 1932, while the government of Yucatan, headed by bartolomé garcía Correa is not nationalized it. A small mansion was used for various purposes: first, there opened a school, Hidalgo, and then the state College of fine arts. Since 1948, the Palace was occupied by the Governor of the state. Only in 1966 he gave to the Museum of anthropology.

Regional Museum dedicated to the history and culture of the Indians who lived in the past centuries on the territory of the modern province of Yucatan, considered one of the most informative museums of Merida. Its collection consists of artifacts created by the Maya and used in everyday life. Here you can see accessories for drawing the skulls of newborns for cosmetic purposes, tools to work with teeth that are decorated with precious stones, clothing, utensils, religious sculpture, weapons, and more. Permanent exhibition of the Museum is on the first floor of the Palace Canton. Temporary exhibitions are usually held in the halls of the second floor.