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The Rotunda Of Fame

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The rotunda of Fame located in the historic centre of Guadalajara, next to the famous local Cathedral, in a small Park formed by the avenues of fray Antonio Alcalde, Miguel Hidalgo and the streets Lyceum and Independence. This monument was erected in honor of those people who worked for the glory of the Mexican region of Jalisco.

The rotunda was built in 1952 by architect Vicente Mendiola. The construction of the monument was initiated by the then state Governor josé jesús gonzález Gallo. The monument is a 17 columns, which are United by a semicircular cornice, decorated with the inscription "Jalisco and its noble sons." In the Rotunda there is a 98 niches, which holds the ashes of the illustrious natives of the region of Jalisco. Around the monument are 20 bronze statues life-size, depicting figures of culture and politics.

Originally the monument was named the rotunda of illustrious men, but after all, here was placed the ashes of Irene Robledo and Rita Perez Jimenez, the name of the memorial was changed to the Rotunda of Fame. In fact, the original design of the Rotunda involved the construction of the dome, which was decorated with a fresco by the Mexican painter josé Clemente Orozco. These plans were not implemented due to the cessation of funding from the government of the city. By the way, the dust Orozco is the Rotunda and the remains of the eminent architect, a follower of the style of Le Corbusier, Luis Barragán; the first rector of the University of Guadalajara, Enrique Diaz de Leon; artist and Illustrator Gabriel Flores Garcia; General Ramon Ochoa, who led the resistance against the French army, and many other worthy sons of the city and the state of Jalisco.