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The Cathedral Of San Cristobal

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Cathedral of San Cristobal, or the Church of St. Christopher, is located to the North from the main square of San Cristobal de Las Casas, which has several names: it is called as the Zocalo, and March 31.

When Chiapas was founded in the episcopate, the modest Church of La asunción, built in 1528, was converted into the Cathedral of St. Christopher, the patron Saint of the city. Simple sacral building has been completely changed. In the XVII century began the process of modernization, which lasted until the beginning of XX century. The last serious restoration of the Church took place in 1920. Then, in accordance with the requirements of the architectural fashion lateral portal of the Cathedral acquired classic features. The main facade of the temple, dated from XVII century, decorated in the Baroque manner. It is decorated with floral ornament and two statues of saints San Pedro and San Pablo located in special niches.

In the Cathedral of San Cristobal, there are valuable works of art, for example, the pulpit, created in the XVI century. He is among the three most beautiful pulpits of the city. Striking in its decor and the main altar. Two side Baroque wooden altar, covered in gold leaf and decorated with large paintings on religious themes by the artist Juan Correa.

The Cathedral of San Cristobal belongs to the Catholic Church is the only Church in the city, where the Catholic service. In all the other churches of San Cristobal de Las Casas, Church services adapted for local believers.