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Arches Of Carmen

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Arches of Carmen, which can be seen on a small street connecting the bus station to the main square of San Cristobal de Las Casas, built in 1677 in the Moorish style. Previously, she was part of the monastic complex of the mother of God Incarnation. This building originally served as the entrance gate to the city. In our days arches of Carmen is the bell tower of the Church of Carmen and is considered one of the local architectural character.

In the second half of the XVII century monastery of managing Director josé Antonio de Torres asked the city's permission to build the Church tower, where I planned to put a big bell. It had chosen the street of Paso real, which led from the town square to the gate of the monastery.

On the second floor of the tower was connected by a passage with the monastery and the Church of Carmen. Thus, the nuns could attend the service, not going outside and meeting with citizens.

This building is one of the most interesting buildings of the colonial period. It is crowned by an octagonal wooden dome with a thin Christian cross. Today, the archway closed by lattices, so passers-by have to work around it.

Adjoining the tower is a modest Carmen Church was built in 1610 by Franciscan nuns. In those days it was dedicated to St. Sebastian. It was austere monastery Church, whose interior was decorated very simply. In 1930, the Church received its present name. In 1993, all the sacred objects that was kept in the Church, were burned during the fire. The walls of the temple survived.

In the former convent of our lady of the Incarnation now opened cultural center.