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Cultural centre in the monastery of Santa Rosa

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The former convent of Santa Rosa de Lima was built in 1683 by the Dominican. Seven years later, the monks acquired the adjacent land on the same street to expand the existing structure. In 1739 the building was transformed into a female Dominican convent.

In the XIX century, in accordance with the Law on the confiscation of Church property of nuns was compacted by placing in their monastery a hospital for the insane, who in 55 years has become a common hospital. Around the same time the monastery kitchen, lined with ceramic tiles and is considered the jewel of local Baroque architecture, which is called "poblano", was adapted to the Museum space. There was a large collection of ceramics. 20 November 1973, all the former monastery was given to the cultural centre and Museum of folk art poblano. Visitors to this cultural space have the opportunity to see works of art by artisans living in seven regions adjacent to Puebla.

During the tour of the former monastery housing will stop for a few minutes in the already mentioned kitchen. Within these walls, was invented by the popular Mexican sauce - mole poblano, which can be enjoyed in any cafe or restaurant of Puebla. The sauce has a rich taste, it is moderately spicy and sweet and surprisingly suitable for meat dishes. In the monastery kitchen still have metate - stone, which crushed herbs for the sauce. Furnace, covered with tiles, is also preserved since ancient times.