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The Museum of Mayan medicine

Photos and description

The unusual Museum can be found in the suburbs of San Cristobal de Las Casas. Officially it is called the Museum of Mayan medicine, but in fact is a farm consisting of several buildings for employees and a Board barn, converted into exhibition space. As the exhibits presented here dummies shamans, traditional healers, herbalist and other Indians associated with medicine. The Museum is managed by a group of healers, midwives and herbalists.

The Museum of Mayan medicine was established for educational purposes. Its collection tells of the traditional healing rituals of the Maya, many of which are still practiced by Indians living in the mountain villages around San Cristobal de Las Casas.

In front of the entrance to the Museum is a screen that shows a film about the work of the Indian midwives. The Museum is decorated with paintings that tell about native American traditions of medicine. In addition to smaller buildings, at the Museum of Mayan medicine has a vegetable garden where they grow herbs, and the exhibition of agricultural implements.

In fact, most Museum visitors do not come here to inspect the mannequins. Among the guests of this establishment are many local residents awaiting a session with a real Indian shaman. Still the Indians believe that many diseases appear due to the activity of evil spirits which must be cast out from the body. Doing a practicing shaman right in the Museum of Maya medicine.

In the orchard with medicinal herbs, which also can be viewed during a visit to the Museum, caring volunteers, often irrelevant to the Indians not having. It may be the Europeans who are interested in Indian traditions. They are allowed to stay at the Museum to learn the local rites and in parallel to help run the farm.

In the shop at the Museum sells healing potions made by the shaman. I must say that jars with various herbs scatter in the blink of an eye.