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The ruins of the monastery of SV. Bernard Of Siena

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Near the Cathedral of Santa Prisca is the former monastery of St. Bernard of Siena (San Bernardino de Siena), from which now only ruins. Only the Church of the monastery is current. This monastery was built by order of the monks of the Franciscan order on the initiative of father Francisco de Tarantos in 1592. The time of appearance of the monastery indicates that we have before us one of the oldest Christian shrines of Mexico.

After a few years after construction due to natural disasters, the temple of the monastery, built of Adobe, had been badly damaged, which led to its reconstruction. Then the Church of San Bernardino burned, and in 1804, was restored in neoclassical style. For its construction were used stones and bricks. After that, the appearance of the temple did not change significantly.

In 1821, at a local Franciscan convent was designed by the Plan of Iguala, which played a decisive role in the struggle of the Mexicans for their independence.

The most revered local way is the Burial of Christ. He appeared in the abode of Taxco, according to local myths, quite by accident. One night at a convent's door someone knocked. When the monks, thinking that the congregation needed help, opened the gates, we saw a mule with baggage. The owner of the animal was not there. Mule fed, and in the bag on his back found a valuable way.

In the back yard of a former monastery in 2007 had identified several colorful statues, next to which like to be photographed by tourists.