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The Fountain Of Neptune

Photos and description

The fountain of Neptune, which the locals sometimes call the Source of life, located on the Macroplaza, that is, in the historical center of Monterrey. Several sculpture groups adorning the fountain was made of bronze in December 1984, the Spanish sculptor Luis Sanguino. The Central figure of the Roman God of the seas and oceans Neptune surrounded by 8 sculptures depicting lions, horses and ladies.

The fountain was erected on the funds of the state government. Its construction was held in honor of the hydraulic plan for the construction of the dam, Cerro Prieto. Thus, the city and state planned to solve the problem of water supply in the Central districts of Monterrey. Each sculpture is carefully designed and is well on its specially designated place for them. For example, the statue of a boy holding a cornucopia from which water flows, symbolizes the abundance of is vital to people moisture, which has no problem after the appearance of the dam. A child, clutching a fish, is reminiscent of the development of the fishery anglers. Woman riding on a lion embodies the state of Nuevo Leon, which solved the problem of water scarcity. The folks behind the Neptune - it is the people who rejoice, noting the construction of the dam, and, therefore, future large harvests and a comfortable, full life.

Around the fountain there is a beautiful garden with benches where you can spend some time enjoying the game of the sun in the water spray. On a clear day you can see the mountains of the Sierra Madre.