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Basilica Of Our Lady Of Zapopan

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In a suburb of Guadalajara called Zapopan is one of the main temples of the city - Basilica of our lady of Zapopan. Virgin Mary Basilica de Zapopan is recognized as the heavenly patron of Guadalajara. Her cult began in the late XVII century, when monks from the Franciscan order began the construction of the majestic temple in her honor. The Basilica was built from 1690 to 1730. According to local Indian legend, the virgin of Zapopan appeared in front of the Indian tribes and encouraged them to change their faith and submit to the European conquerors. The Basilica has installed a statue of the Saint, created long before the construction of the Church, which is considered miraculous.

The local Basilica is located at a distance from the city center, is extremely popular among the believers. This temple is a pilgrimage place, where people come from all over Central America. Especially a lot of believers here going on 12 October, when a solemn procession with the statue of the virgin of Zapopan through the city. The Shrine is driven in an open car, and thousands of people pay to her their prayers. Every year this procession is held in a new car. She was going not his way, it pulled strong men who argue among themselves for the right to carry the statue of the virgin of Zapopan. The day ends with a festive mass and fun dances, which are held in the square before the temple.

Basilica of our lady of Zapopan is famous for its rich decoration. Here you can see the artwork of many famous local artists. They are all written on religious themes.