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The Palace of the "Casa de Los Azulejos", or "House of tiles" is located in the historical centre of Mexico, or rather between the modern streets of de Madero and Cinco de Mayo. The building was built in the colonial era and got its name not by the name of the owner, and in honor of painted tile, which adorns the facade. The use of tiles Azulejos turned this Baroque Palace is one of the most beautiful buildings of the capital of Mexico.

In the XVI century, the mansion was known as the Blue Palace. In the colonial period it was owned by the counts del Valle de Orizaba. They in the XVIII century ordered to put all the house facades painted with bright tiles and make a graceful balconies that can be seen today. After the announcement by Mexico of the independence Palace Azulejos confiscated from former masters and handed over several prominent personalities of the country. In 1881 it opened the fashionable jockey club. From the beginning of XX century the house is owned by the company, which owns a famous chain of coffee shops, restaurants and Department stores throughout Mexico. In our days in the house Azulitos a fashionable restaurant.

The building is one of the symbols of the city, therefore, about him going in a tour group. Even if you are not going to dine at the restaurant, go to the mansion to explore its interior, you won't be disturbed. Inside you should pay attention to the mural "Omniscience", owned by brush josé Clemente Orozco. It adorns the Northern wall on the landing. Orozco wrote it at the request of his friend and patron - the owner of the Palace of don Francisco-Sergio de Yturbe--Daroff, dispose alone since 1878.