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Canyon Amanalco

Photos and description

Cuernavaca is an amazing city. It is ideal for wildlife enthusiasts who do not want to go for long walks to natural attractions. Right in the city of Cuernavaca is only a 40-foot waterfall Salto de San Anton but 60 most of these canyons, the most interesting of which is the canyon Amanalco. Because of the abundance of canyons, which significantly affect the climate in these areas, Cuernavaca is called the "city of eternal spring".

In the past Amanalco canyon served as a natural protection for the Indian tribes from the troops of Hernan Cortes, who tried at any cost to get to the other side. Finally, he managed to do it in the place where now is situated the Devil's bridge. With most of his soldiers were able to cross the canyon, using thrown over the abyss of the tree.

To get to the canyon through the Park Porfirio Diaz, then you need to go about 3 km along the Creek. Landscaped paths, hanging bridges will take you over the edge of the canyon, overgrown with various plants typical to the local region. Canyon Anamala became a tourist area in 1990-ies, when there was laid about 300 meters of the tourist tracks. Once around the canyon, marvel at the lack of noise of the big city. There are many songbirds, which are not afraid of man. In addition to their songs, heard also the murmur of the brook, wading between the rocks.

On weekends the canyon is short light and sound show.

In the future we plan to make another access to the canyon from the South side of the street Vicente Guerrero. It is the Secretariat of the tourism Bureau, so there is quite a lot of tourists.