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The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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The Metropolitan Museum of art in Monterrey is a historic building known as "Old government house", which is more than four centuries. It was built on the orders of Diego de Montemayor, the man who in 1596, one might say, has breathed life into an abandoned settlement, which in the future turned into a huge city. The land on which stands the modern Metropolitan Museum of art, became the property of Montemayor in 1612. The construction of the mansion began in 1653 and continued until 1887. The building survived the fire that broke out in the city during the attack of the Americans in 1846, therefore, were in need of major repair. By the end of the XIX century the Palace acquired its present appearance. By the time he had been used as the town hall. In 1853, on the facade of the two-storey building on the second floor was installed stucco coat of arms of Monterrey.

Since 1974, this building considered a national monument of Mexico. Two years later, in front of this structure there is a new where I moved the command of the mayor of Monterrey. In the years 1978-1989 in the vacated mansion was located, the Supreme court of Mexico. Finally, the building was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Museum dedicated to the history of the state of Nuevo Leon. In 1995 a Museum was opened here in the metro. It consists of four exhibition halls, courtyard, and cinema, which hosts various events such as book presentations, lectures, concerts, performances, scientific meeting. The Museum often hosts temporary exhibitions of works of art of famous artists and sculptors.