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Discovered by Mexican archaeologist Alberto Escalona Ramos 1937, city of Oxtankah is now the object of attention of both archaeologists and curious tourists. The original name of the Mayan city is unknown. Name Oxtankah appeared due to the fact that the ruins of the ancient city surrounded by thickets of trees with edible fruits similar to nuts, which the Indians called Oh.

The abandoned Mayan city is a 10-minute drive from Chetumal, in the vicinity of the seaside town of Calderitas. This secluded town was built in the classical period between 300 and 600 years BC In those days the city was an important trading centre. The locals didn't leave him even after appearing on local lands of the conquistadors. Some of the detected buildings, for example the chapel, with architectural elements characteristic of European churches, suggest that Oxtankah was one of the first cities, which was inhabited by a mixed community, that is, there coexisted peacefully representatives of different races. According to some scholars, it is here that the first to be born of Metis, though, this is probably a very controversial statement.

During the XV-XVI centuries the Mayans who inhabited Oxtankah, began to gradually dismantle the old dilapidated buildings and erect from the produced building material private houses and temples. Despite its historical significance, the city was left and forgotten during the colonial era.

Now the ruins are open to visitors for a modest fee. On the territory of this town still to be investigated, therefore, available for inspection only a few buildings of the Maya.