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The ruins of the city of Santa Rosa-Stampac

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On the Yucatan Peninsula are the remains of the most interesting cities of the Maya. Among them particularly noteworthy are the ruins of the city of Santa Rosa-Stampac located close to the city Hopelchen. Translated from the Mayan language the name Xtampak means "Old walls". The city, which preserved the objects constructed in two architectural styles typical of the era of the Maya were built on a hill. Had a beautiful view of the valley.

The glory of discovering and exploring the ruins of this Mayan settlement is owned by two Europeans, which local people call "Ingleses", - John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood. They arrived in Stampac in 1841 malaria patients, so really are unable to conduct the study discovered the city. Artist Catherwood on the walls of the large dilapidated three-storey Palace with 40 rooms saw well-preserved frescoes, and began to copy them, but due to illness could not finish the job. Subsequent Yucatan war led to further destruction of the city of Santa Rosa-Stanak. Only in the end of XIX century here were able to get researchers. At first, the ruins were studied by Teobert Mahler. In 30-40-ies of the last century, the excavations continued, there was always equipped expedition.

Now trying to preserve the ruins, to preserve them for posterity. In Stampac infrequently, but still the tourists come. This city is famous because there are the inscriptions indicating the time of construction of an object. Hotel pyramid is located a few stelae. They were built in the period from 646 for 871 years BC.