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The Church Of San Luis Gonzaga

Photos and description

The construction of the Monterrey Church consecrated in honour of St. Luis Gonzaga, the Jesuit who lived in the XVI century began in 1898 and lasted 25 years. Its architectural style is unique to Monterrey: it is hardly possible to find in this city another similar structure. Arched Windows and portals, narrow towers, the dome crowning the nave, - all indicates that this building was built in neo-Gothic style, which was at the height of fashion in the nineteenth century. And if in Europe often appeared both sacred and secular buildings in such a manner, that in the New world they were rare.

The Church of San Luis Gonzaga, which is outside of Hidalgo, has four octagonal towers located at the corners of the nave. They are decorated with pointed Windows and have several open areas. Looks especially impressive, a large dome set on a octagonal drum, which made stained glass Windows. The dome is crowned by a low tower, on which a cross is erected.

Throughout its history, the temple has undergone some changes that are particularly noticeable in the interior. This improved lighting and rich decoration of the main altar, and many other elements. On the second floor is the gallery, where the masses can be believers. The columns supporting the gallery, decorated with floral ornaments.

To the Church of San Luis Gonzaga, also has a spacious courtyard, hidden from prying eyes by a fence. It includes a cosy garden.

The Church of San Luis Gonzaga, open to all comers in the daytime.