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Church Of San Nicolas

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The only Church in San Cristobal de Las Casas that had not been rebuilt since its Foundation, is the Church of San Nicolas or St. Nicholas. It was built between 1613 and 1621 years. Monk Augustine, Bishop Juan de Zapata-and-Sandoval was responsible for the construction of this temple, which was meant for black slaves and mulattoes. As the site for the new Church was chosen as the area to the East of the Cathedral.

For a long time the Church of San Nicolas was used as a presbytery of the parish Council. The internal space of Church is divided into nave and chancel. The choruses rely on a small arcade, and chancel separated from the nave by an arch. The Church is built of stone and brick in mudéjar style. Its roof made of red tiles. The facades are painted in traditional Mexican architecture and the bright colors. The main facade is decorated with vertical angular projections, which end the round towers with cone-shaped domes. On either side of the Central portal are two empty narrow niche, which is lacking in the figures of the saints. A triangular pediment surmounted by a cross.

The interior of the temple of San Nicolas modest and simple: wooden benches contrast with the plain light walls, the altar, though covered with gold leaf, but it looks very simple.

In our time when the Church works of the Diocesan Museum that you can explore only by appointment. The Museum exhibits religious objects, Church books and documents.