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The Clavijero Palace

Photos and description

The Clavijero Palace is one of the most important architectural monuments of the city of Morelia. Its large courtyard surrounded by buildings with arcades, is considered the largest yard in the buildings built by the Jesuits in Mexico. Since February 2008, the Palace is the cultural center Clavijero, whose goal is the promotion and dissemination of local culture and art. Since its opening, the cultural center has already held several important and interesting exhibitions. Here were shown the work of Diego Rivera, Javier Marina, Feliciano Bejart, Francisco Toledo, and others.

The Clavijero Palace is a magnificent Baroque building, built in the mid XVII century. It was originally the Jesuit College of St. Francis Xavier. Training in this school was considered very prestigious. The College is equipped with classrooms, laboratories, Observatory, and library. Here lectures of eminent scientists of the time. Among the College professors was the historian and philosopher Francis Xavier Clavijero, in whose honor was named after this Palace. College of St. Francis Xavier worked until 1767. After the expulsion of the Jesuits from Mexico, the building was used for administrative purposes. In one of the halls of the Palace Clavijero in 1847 it was decided to rename Valladolid to Morelia.

To estimate the size of the Palace Clavijero, you need to go to his patio. Please note the floor plan of this cozy corner. Here you can see the strip of colored stones, converging towards the center. They remind about the location of orchards that were there in the past century. In the center of the courtyard there is an ancient fountain polygonal shape.