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Historical naval Museum

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In the southern part of the Malecon next to the outdoor amphitheater Los Arcos is a historical naval Museum of Puerto Vallarta. It was opened in November 2006. This colonial-style building in 1974 was the office of the port authority, then organized a naval hospital, and then gave it to the officials. Finally, in 2001, the city authorities decided to open a naval Museum, which became the fourth such institution in Mexico (two located in Mexico city, one in Veracruz). At first the Museum planned to establish in Acapulco, but a suitable site for it is not found. So he showed up in Puerto Vallarta.

The permanent exhibition is situated in five halls, consists of items relating to the history of the local fleet. Here you can see old documents, maps, navigational instruments, model ships, military uniforms, personal weapons of officers and artillery mounted on ships. The highlight of the collection is the huge skeleton of a whale. Particularly noteworthy are the artifacts associated with the trading expeditions to the Philippine Islands. Part of the exhibition tells about the history of the town, which initially will be called Las Peñas, and then Puerto Vallarta.

The Museum often arranges temporary exhibitions, which will be no less informative than continuous. They are held in cooperation with the local Department of arts and culture. Entrance to the Museum is free. The staff of this institution, I ask only to leave a comment in the guest book.

On the second floor of Museum cafe serves excellent cappuccino. From the panoramic Windows offer magnificent views of Banderas Bay and the Malecon.