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The Congress Of Quintana Roo

Photos and description

The building of the State Congress of Quintana Roo, was built in the shape of a truncated cone, is not a mere administrative structure, but a real cultural center, where, except for offices of officials, are also state archives and library with automated search, open to everyone. But many tourists who visit the State Congress, are attracted to is not this, but painted with huge murals of the hall of Congress. Book a tour with a guide at the Congress building right in the library. If you do not understand the Spanish language, wall paintings it is better to explore yourself.

The frescoes on the walls and ceiling of the lobby of the Congress belong to the authorship of the famous local artist wil Jesus Carmichaelia Jimenez, better known as Elio Carmichael. The late master called his work "Form, color and history." It can be seen from any point of the lobby. The artist made the best use of all the curved walls and uneven ceiling and created the historical mural dedicated to the history and beliefs of the ancient Mayans. On the left you can see the pictures, inspired by the Mayan myth about the origin of the world and the creation of man from corn. Next are scenes from everyday life of the indigenous population of the current state of Quintana Roo. Then the guides will show paintings, tells about the arrival of the Spaniards, the emergence of the new faith and its dominance, the division of human origin, which led to the rebellion of the Mayan people, now known as the "Yucatan war of the races." There are frescoes telling about the recent events like the destruction caused by hurricane "Janet". Bright, vibrant colors of the murals, the accuracy of the images will not leave anyone indifferent.