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Laguna de Manialtepec

Photos and description

10 km from Puerto ESCONDIDO is located Laguna de Manialtepec - one of the best places in Mexico for bird watching. On the shore of the lagoon there are several attractions: the small village of Bajocian de Chila and the excavations of the ancient culture Catina, where they found a sun stone, symbolizing the Sun deity. Many travelers do not miss the opportunity to visit these tourist sites. However, the aim of most of them are mangrove forests, home to more than a hundred species of birds. Here you can see pelicans, gulls, ibises, storks, cranes, kingfishers, swans and other birds. If you are lucky, the water will come some mammals that live in the area adjacent to the lagoon. Among them, particularly noteworthy, raccoons, wild boars, weasels, deer, foxes. In the water there are crocodiles, so swimming in these waters is not recommended. Many animals are endangered because of the activities of poachers.

Excursions to Laguna de Manialtepec can be booked in any travel Agency in Puerto ESCONDIDO. Lovers of wildlife and spectacular images of the early morning drive on the rented boats, pleasure boats and kayaks in search of local birds, which are most active before noon. In the lagoon is allowed to fish, so many tourists join residents in Puerto ESCONDIDO to get bream or sea bass for dinner. The brave captains of the tour boats will surely show its guests the Isle Gallo, where, according to legend, once a year, on December 24, heard the cry of a cock.