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Layouts Payo Obispo

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Quite interesting the Museum works in the Mexican city of Chetumal. It is designed not so much for tourists, although they probably will be interested in his exposition, how much for local residents. Museum Layouts payo Obispo was created with the aim to remind the inhabitants of Chetumal on their city. It was founded in the late nineteenth century Vice-Admiral de Casares and called payo Obispo. Only in 1937 it was renamed Chetumal.

A scale model of the historic town was built by Louis Reichardt Mac-liberty, a descendant of the founder of the city. My first miniature version of the settlement he made out of cardboard in 1986. Then the model was refined and altered until you get a modern exhibition of small replicas of wooden houses in Caribbean style and painted in bright colors. Some of these houses still can be seen on the streets of Chetumal. Layouts payo Obispo reproduce the city in the 1930-ies.

The opening of his exhibition of don Luis Reichard was timed to the celebrations in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the state of Quintana Roo of the status of Federal territory. The restoration of the old town master produced, relying on their own memories. That is, streets, buildings, water tanks and much more in Layouts payo Obispo is located is not chaotic, but as they were standing really. Then recreated the old port of payo Obispo, some historic buildings, a former Hidalgo Park. At every intersection signs are placed with the original and modern names of streets.

The Museum is housed in a wooden building, built in English colonial style. It is located on the corner of 22 January and Miguel Hidalgo.