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National railway Museum

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Probably the most interesting Museum of Puebla is considered the national railway Museum. To attract tourists and promote the history of the Railways of Mexico entrance to the Museum on Sundays is free. In the rest of the week fee for the ticket is symbolic - a few pesos.

The Museum consists of exhibition hall and a courtyard, which have different cars and locomotives. Some cars can be viewed inside only to peek out from behind blocking the way of the rope. Especially interesting is the wagons for special purposes, for example, a mail. Exhibits are many - a few dozen. They are installed on the rails one after the other. Only on inspection can take approximately a couple of hours. But there is also a Museum which showcases model trains - vintage and modern. The Museum consists of three exhibition halls. The first one presents the model railroad of Mexico-Veracruz. Here you can see the lithographs of the early nineteenth century. The second room holds an extensive collection of lithographs, which depict trains in the XIX - early XX centuries. Finally, the third room is devoted to graphic images illustrating the history of Mexican railroads.

The Museum also displays railroad tools, spare parts for cars, documents and photographs covering the development of Railways in Mexico. Interesting letters exchanged between the owners of the first trains, offering services of freight, and the owners of enterprises. In addition, there you can see some documentary short films about the Assembly of trains.

National railway Museum was founded in 1988. He is a former southern railway station, built in 1869. This railway station was inaugurated by President Benito juárez.