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Planetarium "Alpha"

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Planetarium "alpha" is a cultural complex which includes the Museum, the IMAX cinema - the first in Latin America, astronomical Observatory, garden of science, an enclosure that contains 25 species of birds, and the Universe pavilion, decorated Windows with stained-glass Windows of the famous painter Rufino Tamayo. The planetarium was opened on 11th October 1978.

Cultural centre "alpha" appeared in Monterrey in the framework of the program of tourism development in the region. At that time, the city was just one Museum.

To make the planetarium "alpha" more attractive for visitors, the institution was expanded three times. In 1988 when the center was built the pavilion of the Universe. In March 1994, outside the building opened the garden of science, where children learn about the nature of different physical phenomena through play. Adjacent to the garden aviary where 200 birds of 25 species. There are ducks, geese, peacocks, etc. Finally, on the occasion of anniversaries - 20 years of complex "alpha" in 1998, then opened the largest astronomical Observatory in Mexico. If it is an auditorium used for lectures, conferences and seminars.

Cinema complex deserves a few words of praise. Its screen is among the five best IMAX screens in the world. In addition to theater, the center includes several children's playgrounds, a shop selling Souvenirs, a restaurant.

The building of the planetarium with a height of 34 meters has an unusual rounded shape, resembling a telescope focused on the horizon. The angle of the building is 63 degrees. The project of the building designed by the architects Fernando Garza, Trevino, Samuel Hoffberg and Efren Aleman, Cuello.