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Planetarium Local Kaab

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In Northern Mexico there are three planetarium, one of which is in Chetumal. He is not very popular among locals, although tourists never miss a chance to visit it. The planetarium was built as an educational platform for children and youth. Here was supposed to bring on trips pupils and students. And if the student's program has long been developed, the tour routes for students not finalized.

In April 2011 in Chetumal, construction began on the building of the planetarium. In November of the same year, the planetarium welcomed its first visitors. At the opening of this educational institution was attended by top officials of the state and the city. The construction of this complex at a cost of 28 million pesos, of which 23 were provided by the national Council for science and technology. The remaining funds were provided by the state government of Quintana Roo.

The heart of the planetarium is Observatory with a diameter of 4 meters. The Observatory is equipped with a small telescope that is used during evening and night tours to demonstrate to guests the secrets of the cosmos. Besides it, here you can find a large auditorium, which houses 190 people at a time, and two exhibition halls. In one room is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the world of the Maya, their beliefs on the formation of the Universe and the origin of life on Earth. The second hall is used for temporary exhibitions. These shows can affect completely different areas, not just astronomy.