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The old Church of society of Jesus

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The ancient Church of the society of Jesus, officially called the Jesuit order, is one of the attractions of Morelia. The former temple is located on the corner of Madero Avenue and centre street de Nigromante. It was built in the XVII century for the Holy fathers-the Jesuits. This temple was part of a monastery complex which also included the building of the former College of St. Francis Xavier, where he currently opened a cultural center Clavijero. The facades of the majestic temple, built in traditional Spanish style and resembling some of the temples of the Old world, decorated with interesting bas-reliefs. The Church is decorated with two towers with open platforms under small domes and one large tower.

In 1930 the Church building was opened on the public library of the University of Michoacan, which is still there. It has book collections of the Franciscan monastery of SV. Bonaventure, the local Seminary and well-known collector of don Mariano de jesús Torres. Also kept here a large collection of manuscripts left in the Church in 1767, after the expulsion of the Jesuits from Mexico. Local book Fund has approximately 23 thousand volumes, so the library of the University of Michoacan and is the third largest among the libraries of higher educational institutions of the country.

In the reading room you can see interesting murals that were created in the mid-twentieth century American artists H. G. Holbrook, C. C. and R. Schöneberg Hansen and the Mexican painter Antonio Silva Diaz.