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The Church Of Santa Lucía

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Elegant, with blue and white facades, the Church of Santa Lucia built in the early XIX century on the site of an ancient chapel. Interestingly, at the site where stood the chapel, was erected another temple - the Church of San Diego. For her there was a place near the hospital for the local poor.

In 1712 the Bishop álvarez de Toledo asked the city authorities to give him a chapel. He planned to build there a new Church. However, his plans were not implemented until 1819, when by order of the city fathers demolished many buildings in this popular area and finally, on the initiative of Bishop Samartino, began the construction of the Church of Santa Luzia. The destruction of the chapel was lost some valuable images, some altars and a large part of the old furniture.

At the end of the nineteenth century a new temple, who by that time stood for almost a century, was destroyed by order of father Nicholas Figueroa. In its place was built a Church, which we can see now. Presumably this occurred in 1882. Although Artigas, in his book "the Architecture of San Cristobal" indicates a different date of construction - 1898. Anyway, great one-aisled Church built according to the project of Carlos Z. Flores, who was also engaged in the construction of the Palacio Municipal (local town Hall), became one of the symbols of the city and the attractions that you must visit during a visit to San Cristobal de Las Casas. In the interior of the Church is dominated by the altar, executed in a style which combines Gothic, Neoclassicism and art Nouveau.